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Dr Annalee C. Babb

CEO | Founder
Strategy | Investment| Innovation
Caribbean | Middle East | Central America

Annalee specialises in technology, innovation, the new digital media, business strategy and national development. From 2018-2021, she was the Prime Minister’s Special Envoy | Special Advisor to the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Smart Technology | Government of Barbados where she helped co-designed a Barbados Tech Accelerator for the delivery of digital public services. She was the co-lead organiser of UNCTAD 15’s Creative Industries Trade Digitisation (CITD) Forum, hosted by Barbados from September 29 to October 1, 2021. From 2018-2021, Annalee sat on the Board of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Barbados’ public acute care medical facility and accredited teaching hospital. In 2017, her firm mapped Barbados’ creative industries on behalf of the Ministry responsible for culture. She was the founding CEO of Invest Barbados from 2006-2008, and on the International Advisory Board of Oman’s Research Council from 2011-2015.


Developing Digital Communities

TAPP Digital Incorporated

Specialising in engaging, interactive digital work flows, TAPP uses the power of digital media to build strong business relationships. It specialises in developing content, platforms and brands that enable governments, businesses and creators to collaborate, learn, grow, earn and connect with global audiences. Keep your business moving steadily with TAPP’s digital solutions and customised content powered by digital pipelines, streams and channels.

Designing Digital Communities

BEKO Creative

An award-winning design | advertising studio willing to share its knowledge and expertise with fresh, enthusiastic minds. Its team provides the design and marketing skills that can take you to regional and global markets. BEKO Creative Studios support all areas of design and branding, through print, digital and social media.

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1. Thought Leadership

Through our podcast My Belonging, we demystify the idea of digital transformation, demonstrating how individuals and communities can leverage technological innovation to create positive impact.


2. Strategy

We expose our clients and community to industry leaders from diverse sectors and markets, offering course content and expert guidance on what it takes to be the best.

3. Training & Coaching

We nurture the next generation of innovators, creatives and entrepreneurs, offering courses and providing mentorship that help turn great ideas into productive enterprises that do good while doing well.



A Virtual Experience

My Belonging

Knowing Your Place in an Age of Extraordinary Technological Transformation


Dr. Annalee C. Babb

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We provide financing to help companies and people with great innovations meet their short-term working capital needs.

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